Author: Abderian



I really enjoy games where I get to perform actions in a role play type of setting. Supple is another one of those games. With a tagline “play the world’s first interactive sit-com,” the player plays as Arin Costello, an […]


Spy Fox in “Dry Cereal”

I absolutely love this game. I played it so much as a child and went back to replay some of the Spy Fox games just recently as an adult. Interestingly enough, there was an iOS and Google Play version released […]


Jurassic Park: Chaos Island | PC

In honor of Jurassic World‘s movie release, I decided to write about one of my favorite childhood games, Chaos Island, which is also probably the best Jurassic Park game to exist. There are twelve different levels, with options for difficulty […]


Sonic and SEGA All-Stars Racing | Wii

This is one of my all time favorite racing games on the Wii. I’ve played it so much and I’m still not tired of it. You can keep playing until you master all the tracks, win all the trophies, and […]


Tetris Party Deluxe | Wii

Tetris Party Deluxe is your usual game of Tetris spiced up special features in different playing fields and modes. For example, you can create your own puzzles or explode your blocks through bombs. Initially, I did not understand why anyone […]


Just Dance 2015 | Wii

I rented this game from Redbox last night and it was so worth it! I had never played any Just Dance games before and decided to try it this time when I realized all you need to play is the […]


The Sims 3 | PC

Finally getting around to writing about one of my all-time favorite games. In terms of the genre of roleplay or simulation games, this is definitely my #1. I bought this game a few months after it came out, and I […]


Mario Kart Wii

Being a huge Mario fan, and after having had played the Mario Kart arcade game as a child at Chuck E. Cheese’s, I expected to love this game. However, I was extremely disappointed. The Wii version of the game does […]


The Sims Medieval

Being a huge fan of the Sims franchise, of course I bought The Sims Medieval, actually immediately when it came out. The Sims 3, without a doubt, makes my list of all time favorite games, and the medieval concept was […]


Crazy Taxi | PC

“Hey hey! Come on over! Have some fun with Crazyyy Taxi!” Crazy Taxi is a PC game that I am madly in love with. I used to play it for hours when I was younger. This version of the game […]