Author: pickupstix


What are those?! PS5?

PS5 and the new Xbox??? Bruh… While looking through my facebook news feed I stumbled upon this PS5 artcle. No I did not read it all because I did not want to. I just couldn’t get over the title of […]


Coins From Mario Made Real?

Is video game money real or nah? If you add all the coins you’ve collected in Mario games or all the rings you’ve collected in Sonic games you would be rich wouldn’t you? I think we all would. Especially you […]


Onimusha Dawn of Dreams

Onimusha Dawn of Dreams: when Fate is not your friend. Out of all the Onimusha games I’ve played I have to say Onimusha Dawn of Dreams was the most fun to play. From love interests to fist fights to gender […]


PC Vs Console Gaming

Nothing like having the game you wanted and you can’t play it. As much as it hurts to write this I have to admit defeat here. SO of course the age old question of  pc gaming or console gaming? Which […]


Kingdom Hearts 3: Another look

Kingdom Hearts 3: The Keyblade War We’ve Been Waiting For All Kingdom hearts fans have been patiently and most likely impatiently been waiting for Kingdom hearts 3. As the teasing get’s worse we are provided with another trailer of gameplay […]


Jet Force Gemini: Run, Shoot and Reload!

When you run out of ammo. You do what we do. RUN. It’s Throwback Thursday again and we are talking on tumblr about which games companies need to reboot. I think Jet Force Gemini needs a reboot. The developers behind […]


Kh 2.5: Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Final Mix

Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep: Maybe you have to know the darkness before you can appreciate the light I was highly looking forward to playing this game and I was unfortunately not able to play this game for along time since […]


Kingdom Hearts 2.5: Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix

As the anticipation of Kingdom Hearts 3 builds we will settle for Kingdom Hearts 2.5…for now Before I get started to those who are NOT familiar with the Kingdom Hearts Franchise. I advise reading anything pass this paragraph WILL SPOIL […]


Is Disney Doing The Most With Kingdom Hearts?

Kingdom Hearts Universe subject to fuse with the Marvel AND Star Wars Universe? Guh Guh What???? What????……WHAT???!!!!!……*lil jon voice* WHAT???!!!!! LOL (ok now I’m doing the most) Alright as you may already know at least for me, I heard from […]


Star Wars Force Unleashed

Star Wars Force Unleashed: Destroying what you know about the Force This game had a lot of promise for Star Wars Force Unleashed was not teased fans in Soul Calibur 4 but was going to be completely different from any […]