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Beyond Two Souls: What do you do when you go beyond your own soul?

ellen page, beyond two soulsHello all my next door gamers it has been a while since I wrote anything but I am back and I finished the game Beyond Two Souls and I am ready to share my thoughts. This game is the second casual game I’ve played. The first was Little Big Planet. But I heard a lot about this game and so I figure I play something different than my typical choice of games I like to play. I did not know what to expect but I think that made the game more awesome to me. Since I didn’t even see a trailer for this game either. And I’m glad I didn’t for this was more like a movie/game experience or should I say interactive movie experience. This game was rather enjoyable and definitely had me wanting to know what happens next.

Beyond Two Souls: Storyline

I think all games should make us feel that way. Though I admit overall the storyline was great but I did find it kind of annoying going back and worth in Jodie’s life. That is all I will say on that since I do not want to spoil the game for those who have not played it yet. But those of you who have played it you know what I’m talking about. A little about the Beyond Two Souls cast, there is Jodie the main character played by Ellen Page. If you do not know who Ellen Page is, she played in multiple movies you may have already heard of like X-Men Days of Future Past or my favorite movie Inception. I’ve enjoyed watching her career grow and I became a big fan of hers after seeing her in Inception. beyond two soulsSo seeing her in Beyond Two Souls I was more than excited to play. You also have this doctor who studies Paranormal Activity named Nathan Dawkins, played by Willem Dafoe who you may know him from the Green Goblin in Spider Man. Jodie is somehow linked to an entity named Aiden. She does not know why nor how this happened for she recalls Aiden being around since birth. But interesting enough when you play the game it doesn’t start off that way. You don’t find this out till at least a few levels into the game. So this is more of a this is what it may look like to live with an entity and who the heck is this thing and can it go away type of storyline.

Beyond Two Souls: Gameplay

It is pretty much straight to the point that this game is just simple movements and button mashing. There isn’t much to it. Though I did find myself getting lost occasionally. Just walking around screaming in my head, “WHERE DO I GO????!!!!” Outside of getting lost the gameplay was a breath of fresh air considering I did not have to go through hour long dungeons like RPGS or fight endless armies in Action-Adventure games. Action scenes omg the action scenes. They were great but I was definitely caught off guard considering how many times I said, “What do I do?” in time sensitive situations. And there were times I messed up and Jodie took some heavy losses. So Sorry Jodie :(

video gameBeyond Two Souls: Overview

This game is well worth playing. There were definitely times where I was yelling omg because of a plot twist or I couldn’t believe what I was up against and yeah things are just different when you’re dealing with entities. Entities or Zombies? Hm that sounds like a good video game debate. On a side note After playing as Ellen Page in this game I believe I developed a new appreciation for skinny girls. I am a guy and I have preferences like everyone else but I will admit I have a new appreciation for skinny girls after playing Beyond Two Souls.

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