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PC Vs Console Gaming

Nothing like having the game you wanted and you can’t play it. As much as it hurts to write this I have to admit defeat here. SO of course the age old question of  pc gaming or console gaming? Which […]


The Artful Rant #1: That time of the month

Who are your most beloved video game characters in history? Really think about that. Which one grabbed you and made you want to play out their story to its fullest? Or made you want to do something daring? Or made […]


Happily terrified

I’m about to break one of my established rules here.  Usually, I wait until I’ve finished a game to start discussing it with people. I don’t even acknowledge it until I see those credits roll. But this is something I’ve […]


Have a little Faith.

  We gamers are a fickle bunch. We want things made the way we want them by the people we trust. And then we don’t know who we trust and even then for why, really. When Cliff Bleszinski left Epic […]


Justice is watching: a review of Watch_Dogs

When’s the last time you played an original open-world game? No, go ahead, I’ll wait. Seriously think about it for a second. Now I know what you’re all thinking. There are literally dozens of open-world titles that are “original” but […]