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Kotor 2: Clash of Beliefs And Lightsabers Part 2

Hello again everyone, alright so this will be more of an in depth review of Kotor 2 for I held back most of what I wanted to say in the first part but let’s get onto it. When it comes […]


Kingdom Hearts

Kingdom Hearts: Battle Of Blades And Hearts Kingdom Hearts has been more than just a video game to me. And I think the same applies to all the fans of Kingdom Hearts as well. For I will do my best […]


Star Wars: Kotor 2 The Sith Lords

Kotor 2: The Clash of Beliefs and Lightsabers Welcome to the Next Door Gamer everyone and I’ll be covering one of my favorite games, Star Wars Knights of the old Republic 2. I’ll being saying Kotor 2 throughout this game […]