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Jet Force Gemini: Run, Shoot and Reload!

When you run out of ammo. You do what we do. RUN. It’s Throwback Thursday again and we are talking on tumblr about which games companies need to reboot. I think Jet Force Gemini needs a reboot. The developers behind […]


Tribute to The Unholy: Bayonetta Review

With Bayonetta 2 set to release October 24th of this year I want to take a look at the first game of the now two part series. Yes; ladies and gents this is a game review and I do plan […]


Peter Dinklage as Destiny’s Ghost?

Bungie hit a homerun with Destiny having just released this month and, selling over 5 million copies of the “shared world” first person shooter. Having followed the games development for a long time and awaiting the game with the utmost […]


Wet Rubi Malone With Attitude

The need for more female protagonists in video games: Here at Next Door Gamer we do our best to speak on how most of us feel about video games and not just from a game review perspective. I mentioned in […]


A new era of warfare

Things start to happen around this time of year. Birds start chirping. Trees start singing. And new games get announced. Activision was a little bit ahead of schedule this year with their reveal of the next installation in the Call of Duty franchise. […]


Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Reveal

  Well it came a little early this year but as expected, Activision has released the reveal trailer for their newest installment into the Call of Duty franchise. I was really expecting it to come closer to E3 or even […]