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What are those?! PS5?

PS5 and the new Xbox??? Bruh… While looking through my facebook news feed I stumbled upon this PS5 artcle. No I did not read it all because I did not want to. I just couldn’t get over the title of […]


Jet Force Gemini: Run, Shoot and Reload!

When you run out of ammo. You do what we do. RUN. It’s Throwback Thursday again and we are talking on tumblr about which games companies need to reboot. I think Jet Force Gemini needs a reboot. The developers behind […]


Welcome to NextDoorGamer

Welcome to NextDoorGamer. I would like to introduce myself first as a person rather than as a gamer. I’ve been playing video games my entire life. Coherently anyways. I don’t know of too many infants that enjoy the Resident Evil […]