Coins From Mario Made Real?


Coins From Mario Made Real?

Is video game money real or nah?

If you add all the coins you’ve collected in Mario games or all the rings you’ve collected in Sonic games you would be rich wouldn’t you? I think we all would. Especially you Chao lovers who had to pay a fortune in raising them.

sonicI wanted to talk about something different than what we normally talk about when it comes to video games and that’s what I wanted to provide here at Next Door Gamer. One thing us millennials may need to get hip to are cryptocurrencies.

If you don’t know what cryptocurrencies are you’ve probably heard of Bitcoin. Well Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency aka digital currency. Just as you would send money to someone via paypal or send money to someone money through your bank account electronically. Bitcoin works the same way.

With the digital currency booming, have gamers already pioneered this digital currency front? Gaming money has evolved from just getting your coins taken from you in Mario Party to flat out money used in online gaming like Second Life and practically any other online game us gamers play.

So the question is…

would you use gaming money to pay for every day things in your life?

Or the question we should be asking, if game developers created a money for us to use why can’t we the gamers create our own digital currency? (not to say game developers aren’t gamers either ^_^)

This idea is definitely not my own for with the rise in Bitshares. Though I am trying to wrap my mind around how it works but one thing I do know quoted from the Bitshares website, “BitShares is designed from the ground up to process more transactions every second than VISA and MasterCard combined.”

If Bitshares is already rivaling or surpassed that of Visa and MasterCard. This would be something worth checking out.

I would like to open the discussion that if people are using digital currency already in games like Second Life, Star Wars Knight of the Old Republic why can’t us gamers use that same digital currency to pay for the things we use already?

Or better yet use cryptocurrencies like Bitshares or Bitcoin to fund small game developing companies? Because one thing I’m sure all of us can agree on is the fees to pay to move digital currency is annoying. (I will not drop any names) But since the digital world gradually blending with our physical one. We might as well have some say in the matter right?

I think it would be cool to have a cryptocurrency that can be used to buy games on GOG or Steam. But maybe we aren’t there yet? Or maybe not, since accepts bitcoin as payment. And accepts bitcoin as payment. So does

Now here’s another idea, maybe in the future video games will have their own currency that can be exchanged for a gaming coin that can be applied to be exchanged with any other game. So money earned in Halo could be exchanged for some gaming coin. And you take that gaming coin to be exchange with another coin used in Second Life or World of Warcraft. That’s possible isn’t it?

We already do that with the currencies around the world. The United States dollar is the world reserve currency (a currency accepted by most countries around the world), you use the dollar to exchange for the Mexican Peso or the Swiss Franc or the Euro.

This is not some get rich quick scheme but considering how Bitcoin rose in price per dollars. I wouldn’t consider 5 years a long time. And if you do consider that a long time, then consider this. With the chart below…
bitcoin charts,

Bitcoin was worth less than a dollar. I’m sure you could scrap up $100 in one year doing something right? Let’s say you bought Bitcoin at one dollar and sat on it through your high school or college experience. Regardless if you sold your Bitcoin when it was worth $1,000 per bitcoin. If you sold them all now while it is currently priced at $382. You would be sitting on $38,200 worth of bitcoins. I’m sure that would pay off your student loans or at least most of it.

And if you think this isn’t something to be paying attention to, Bank of America is already jumping in on this. For they already filed a patent and got it published this year in September to use bitcoin. Here’s my source.

And yes people pay with bitcoin for things, real physical things. So now, with the help of Bitshares, how about we take all these rings and coins we collected in these video games and buy something real with them.


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