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Crazy Taxi | PC

“Hey hey! Come on over! Have some fun with Crazyyy Taxi!”

Crazy Taxi is a PC game that I am madly in love with. I used to play it for hours when I was younger. This version of the game is a bit old now, but it is a classic for me, and I just had to share my experience with it.

So there are three game play options: arcade, original, or crazy box. Within each of these options, there are different settings. My personal favorite setting is arcade mode. Here I get the option of choosing from the characters of Axcel, B.D. Joe, Gena, and Gus. I usually always went with Gena because she was the only female character option. Side note, I think I initially tend to go for the available female characters whenever I play a game because there always so few options.

gena, crazy taxiAnyways, arcade mode is insanely fun because you get to pick up different people with the option of short, medium, or long drives, which also pay accordingly. As you replay the game, you find out that everything is in the same place every game. You get the opportunity to explore such a vast track with such varied scenery and different types of customers. Keeping this in mind, I often developed different paths that I would replay and get better at every time.

I liked to reach a certain dollar amount and then I would go crazy and be reckless, doing whatever I wanted. I’m going to let you all in on a little secret. Okay well I guess it isn’t necessarily a secret anymore because you could technically find everything about a game online now, but back when I was younger and I first played this game, looking things up was not a thing.

Back then, I used to explore and struggle through games. The secret that isn’t that secret anymore is the location of my favorite customer. One time I was driving recklessly and accidentally went somewhere that I wasn’t planning on going to, and I stumbled upon an old lady in a parking lot.

crazy-taxiShe pays big time. This was one of the most exciting discoveries I made in this game. Ever since that day, I made sure to always pick her up because hello – moola! It was also fun being competitive with the time and getting different combos while driving.

In crazy box, you can try out different smaller games with varying goals. Sometimes, I would find this a bit harder. It is pretty different in comparison to arcade and original mode, but definitely still fun to explore. In original mode, you play on a different track, but I personally liked arcade better, although the two are similar.

This game is definitely something that you need to experience. A description of it or a game play video does not do it justice. If you have never played or heard of Crazy Taxi, I can not emphasize enough how much you are missing out on. Go. NOW.

“It’s party time. Let’s have some fun!”


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