Just Dance 2015 | Wii


Just Dance 2015 | Wii

I rented this game from Redbox last night and it was so worth it!

I had never played any Just Dance games before and decided to try it this time when I realized all you need to play is the Wii remote. All this time, I thought you needed all that extra Wii gear, and I immediately jumped at this opportunity when I found out I had everything we needed.


So basically you follow a dancer on the screen and the Wii remote registers how well you do the moves. You get responses such as “ok,” “good,” “perfect,”or  “yeah.” Once the song is over, you get your star ranking. You have the option of playing with people around you or people online from around the world.

Initially, I was dancing all out. Then after I got a bit more tired, I starting only doing hand movements. Then later, I ended up just swinging the Wii remote around. It’s definitely important to play when you are physically pumped. It’s good to stop after a while because once you get tired, it’s obviously harder to complete the moves. Personally, I was just having so much fun that I didn’t want to stop and thus when I finally started getting low stars and just moving my remote around, I decided to stop for the night. I also understand that if you play this game a lot, it could get boring once you master all the songs; however, I am currently halfway done trying the songs for the first time so it’s perfect for me.


One thing that bothered me was that the Bollywood Xmas song was a bit stereotypical nor was it a real Bollywood song. There were literally no words from any Indian languages in the song. There are so many different Indian languages that they did not even have to choose a Bollywood song in Hindi. They literally had so many options. They had the option of buying “India Waale” in the shop, but I can’t believe that they chose that song out of all songs. It’s not even that good in my opinion, especially when you have access to all Bollywood dance songs ever. The Bollywood Xmas song was a bit racist, especially with the elephants in the back, but it was also kind of fun doing the stereotypical dance moves. I would have preferred having a real Bollywood song because representation matters and they are amazing.

I also was sad to see that in the “shop” section, Wii points are used. My sister and I were so ready to buy “Gangam Style” when we saw that we could not. Thus, we were limited to only the songs already on the game. I liked some of them, and I didn’t like others, in terms of dancing to them. I did think there was a good song collection, but it could have been better. In terms of the visuals that dancers follow, I thought they did a really good job. The dancers on screen looked amazing, and it was pretty and colorful as well.

I’m going to go play some more right now since I’m well rested and want to play as much as possible before I have to return it. Oh and I also love the fact that it tells you how many calories you burned at the end as well when you click on your user card. DANCE.

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