Is Disney Doing The Most With Kingdom Hearts?

Kingdom hearts 3

Is Disney Doing The Most With Kingdom Hearts?

Kingdom Hearts Universe subject to fuse with the Marvel AND Star Wars Universe?

Guh Guh What????

What????……WHAT???!!!!!……*lil jon voice* WHAT???!!!!! LOL (ok now I’m doing the most)

Alright as you may already know at least for me, I heard from Kotaku first about the possibility of Star Wars and Marvel. Let’s get straight to it. In my opinion it would be cool seeing Marvel in Kingdom Hearts. With enough creativity I think it will work. Though I think the Marvel universe is a bit big for Kingdom Hearts. Regardless I think it is doable. As a matter of fact while I was on facebook I did see a good idea among the comments.

Goofy using Captain America’s shield. I definitely screamed in my head while I was at work when I read it. And I’m sure the rest of you screamed like I did unless you were already in the comforts of your own place. I’m up for seeing Iron Man in Kh. Shoot just an idea I just came up with, Sora turns into a hulk when he runs out of health to capture our anger of trying to defeat a difficult boss. It’d be the epitome of this gif here:

And of course one can only think of all the possibilities of what you can do with these two universes. Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comment section below. We’d love to hear your thoughts since we’ve already started this discussion on our tumblr page.


Star Wars….As soon as I heard Disney bought LucasArts I admit I was sad. And I also had enough foresight to say back then, I better not see mickey or any reference of mickey in Star Wars episode 7. That is what Yoda is for. And that is what I loved about Mickey being playable in Kh 2.

Because he’s short, he has a keyblade, he jumps high and wild like Yoda, he’s wise like Yoda, Mickey is the last person you’re trying to mess with….LIKE YODA!

So we already have our “Yoda” for the Kh universe. Which by the way I’m sad that Disney will not count all the extended Star Wars unviserse (things that happened after episode 6) and all the things before episode 1 (like Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 2) and that’s a whole debate we will have another day.


Now if you disagree feel free to express your thoughts in the comment section below but that’s just my opinion. I love star wars, I’m a big fan. Kotor 2 is my favorite game of all the star wars video games. Though I did love the innovation LucasArts put into Star Wars Force Unleashed.

I have no problem with Star Wars what so ever. But just like how we saw in Soul Calibur 4 we all had mixed emotions about Vader and Yoda debuting in Soul Calibur, I feel the same way and more about Star Wars being in Kingdom Hearts. Lightsaber vs Keyblade?

But think on this for a moment. Would Kingdom Hearts play a role in future Star Wars titles? You mean to tell me Mickey, Riku or Sora or whoever will have some role in whatever turn of events that may arise in future Star Wars movies? Or cartoons? Or video games?

I mean we can go on and on about this. But to get away from that topic so here’s my suggestions, because I refused to let this be a long rant about problems. I would suggest that if a universe is going to cross paths with another. At least make them cross paths with some sort of relevant size universe. Such as:

World of Warcraft And Star Wars
Tekken and Virtual Fighter
Sonic and Mario (which has already been done)

Just to name a few.

To me, saying you may put Star Wars in Kingdom Hearts is like telling me that Optimus Prime is about to fight Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. I digress. Let us go back and assume the posture of us waiting for the release of Kingdom Hearts 3.
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