Have a little Faith.

Mirrors Edge 2

Have a little Faith.


We gamers are a fickle bunch. We want things made the way we want them by the people we trust. And then we don’t know who we trust and even then for why, really. When Cliff Bleszinski left Epic Games everyone sorta panicked. It was he who brought us one of the most beloved and memorable action experiences with the Gears of War trilogy. When Tomb Raider was recently rebooted, there was a panic over its outcome because it wasn’t the EXACT same team from the original ’96 game. Then we rejoiced at how well it turned out. One of the best games released in recent memory.

My recent memory stretches back pretty far. Mirrors Edge is one of the best realized games of the past decade. It’s story immersed  gamers in a world of skill based gameplay that required actually watching the tutorials and even a little practice. It gave you a character in Faith that you could actually get behind, want to emulate and most of all, cosplay. I can even remember it being one of the games I played simply to complete its internal challenges. Completing the game without hurting anybody was an accomplishment in itself and one I was proud to admit dedicating days on end to completing.

Those that follow the gamersphere have probably heard the announcement that Rhianna Pratchett nor anybody from the original development team would be involved in the creation of the next installment. I’m going to go on and say no one out there knows why she won’t be involved except for the folks at DICE. We like to think we know about these things but at the end of the day, the rumors always end up as conjecture. Whatever is going on at DICE is internal and we’ll probably never know the full details. Regardless, the game is still being pushed forward, albeit with a release date in frikkin 2016.


If we’re going to complain about the next installment, we should at least wait to see what the do with it. Mirrors Edge 2 like a bajillion other games coming out in the next few years is a pre-sequel. Yes it appears that even the folks over at DICE have decided to jump on the franchise beating bandwagon and devote all their time and resources to an addition rather than something new. I’ll let them slide this time. The game should build on its already established playstyle and then, no pun intended, run with it. But because it’s a prequel I’m already feeling that there will be some things available for play that weren’t available in the…original? First? I don’t know what they’re called anymore.

Mirrors Edge 2 is supposed to follow more on Faith and her journey to becoming a wallrunning badass. As a parkour enthusiast it would be awesome to see a freeroam feature added that allows you to practice your flow and movements. And hopefully a more developed story that feels more like an entry and standalone game than a prequel. And hopefully we can watch more of the woman that tattoed her own eye do more of what she does best on the next-gen platform. Now that’s dedication.

So seriously guys, calm down. I’m a little antsy too but just because things aren’t like they were doesn’t mean they can’t be awesome in the future. The video game industry is a business first, hobby second and even though we’re the passionate ones, the companies and studios that work tirelessly want to be able to bring you something they’re proud of. So don’t worry, your babies are in good hands. And if you don’t believe me then we can just take a look back at how awesome Halo 4 was, without the original team. Yup.

Faith as pixels

–  TheArtfulKill

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