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Heavenly Sword: Nariko carries heaven itself while walking through hell

Finally we get another butt kicking female who isn’t afraid to throw down. Nothing to take away from Lara Croft but in the thought of having a name brand butt kicking female in the gaming world it’s nice to see another female character rise the occasion although we haven’t seen anything in terms of a new heavenly sword sequel :(

Heavenly sword was an highly anticipated game for the Ps3 for Heavenly Sword was one of the first games to come out when the Ps3 released. You know the first thing I envisioned for Heavenly Sword was a female version of Kratos.

Considering that their base fighting styles are similar, you can even see the similarities. Not to mention they both have a similar story line with how they are overcoming some type of opposition that seems nearly impossible to overcome.

Either way it is nice to see Ninja Theory still pumping out games besides their already famous Ninja Gaiden. Before I dig deeper into this game. I would like to point out to any game developer that may stumble upon this post. Is it too much to ask for a female character to not be hyper sexualized in the game?

I mean sure Nariko has a nice build but for once it would be nice to actually see an action packed game with a hot female without her being nearly naked. Thank you kindly for hearing me on this.

On to the actual game of Heavenly Sword. I actually enjoyed the somewhat basic story line this game had. I mean it is a typical, there’s a bad guy terrorizing the place and someone has to stop him or her. And there’s only one person to stop the bad guy. And it’s you the protagonist.

heavenly sword, nariko

Heavenly Sword Storyline:

This is my favorite heavenly sword wallpaper by the way 😀 but what I liked about this game is that it was a matter of taking special people off their pedestal of glory or privilege. To many times have we seen where people have this egotistical, holier than thou mentality and they play out this chosen one type role and everyone practically idolizes this person.

Heavenly Sword is not like that. If you’ve played the game all the way through you know what I’m talking about. Heavenly Sword is one of the few games I’ve played that encourages people to look within themselves for the power that they seek to overcome even the mightiest of giants that may seek to devour us. Which I think is great. For I think this is a great lesson to teach any child that they must first respect, love and cherish themselves before they can make a difference in other people’s lives.

For that is sort of how the game starts out, Nariko mentioning how her heritage and the views of her people look down on her and in a way marked her for death. And as you play this game you continually see her to fight to prove people wrong in her own unique way. I mean truly going against the grain to achieve what you want in this life. To sum up what I said I’ll give you this quote:

“There are few things in this world worth fighting for, but when you find them, then there is no greater fight.”

heavenly sword, nariko

 Gameplay wise when it comes to Heavenly Sword it is rather simple to pick up on. Also to for those of you who love to button mash you can in a way get by through most of the game by merely button mashing. Yes you will need to eventually practice a good attack and defend strategy but button mashing will do. Although, I can not say the same when fighting the bosses on this game. For if you do, a quick and timely death you shall receive.

narikoEspecially, if you take into an account Nariko’s fighting style is mostly comprised of offense instead of defense. Outside of just button mashing you can chain together a nice set of different combos per your immediate situation.

Be it dealing with ranged weapon enemies or big bozos who need a good butt kicking with grace and finesse of course. If anything I would have to say Nariko is pretty well versed in terms of weaponry for she picks up nearly everything in case you get lazy of slicing through your enemies.

Now there is a first person shooter mode on this game although it came with a catch. You can just shoot your targets but that’s no fun. You can shoot arrows and use the six axis feature of your controller to control your shots.

Yes you will have to physically move your controller to move the arrow in the direction you wish. Which can be tricky at times but fun when you get the hang of it. Especially if you’re being a bit picky with what you’re aiming for 😉

Graphics wise, Heavenly Sword isn’t that impressive. But to say that all the characters you see were physically acted out by real actors is saying something.

So I give big kudos for the developers actually putting in solid work into displaying when the character speaks their mouth actually lines up with the words they are pronouncing.

Overall the game is enjoyable but the game does lack in replay value. Once you know how the story unfolds and you’ve mastered all the moves, to do any of them at will. The game get’s a bit repetitive and gives you nothing else to look forward to. If you haven’t played the game you can definitely find a heavenly sword walkthrough on youtube.

Nonetheless, at least the game gives you plenty of enemies to get rid of…literally…I mean Nariko literally has practically destroyed a country of people at the end of the game. So Heavenly Sword gives you a lot of target practice to master the game.












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