Jet Force Gemini: Run, Shoot and Reload!


Jet Force Gemini: Run, Shoot and Reload!

When you run out of ammo. You do what we do. RUN.

lupus, jet force geminiIt’s Throwback Thursday again and we are talking on tumblr about which games companies need to reboot. I think Jet Force Gemini needs a reboot. The developers behind this game is called Rareware but they got bought out by Nintendo and yeah that’s another story we’ll get into another day.

Me personally, this game used to creep me out. Just the intro song before the title screen would creep me out. It was one of the feelings where you get on a roller coaster and you’re all excited. You sit down, buckle up and you’re ready. And then as soon as you take off you sit there like, what have I just got myself into?

Yeah that was me. I do admit giant ants did not look threatening but wait till you run out of ammo. All you know is you better think of something fast. Because like most shooter games you can’t help but shoot at everything all at once. Seeing body parts fly all over the place and seeing grenades explode. It’s all fun and games till you run out of ammo. Especially on boss battles.

Those boss battles though, I mean as I play through them now I skim through it pretty easily but over a decade ago I was definitely shooting at everything since there were times I didn’t know what to aim at. I hated the grasshopper boss the most. I normally ran out of ammo by the time I finished the first grasshopper.

Before you judge me, I was and still am not good third or first person shooter games. So this was definitely me stepping out of my comfort zone. All the same, I did enjoy this game.

Critics of Jet Force Gemini

jet force geminiOn a professional level the critics were more than pleased. IGN was quoted on the music in Jet Force Gemini, “some of the very best ever put into a Nintendo 64 game” and “brought old school gaming to 3D”. I am glad that I’m not the only to say I enjoyed the soundtrack.

Though I do agree with IGN and other game critics that is ridiculous that you have to save all the Tribals in order to complete the entire game. And when we say all Tribals, we mean you better catch em all and don’t let any of them die. Which I have to say you will find yourself in a position where there are enemies who aim only at the Tribals.

Not to mention you more than likely have to start the entire level over to go back to get all the Tribals because you lacked certain equipment. Talk about being a super pain in the butt.

Overview of Jet Force Gemini

So if you weren’t playing Golden Eye 007 this was more than likely the next game you picked to play if you’re into shooter games on the N64. The game is enjoyable as much as it is playing multiplayer. The gender roles were balanced. The three playable characters are Juno, Vela and Lupus.

I always value games that give you more than one gender to play with and of course if you don’t like people at all you can play as a dog. So everyone wins. I still have Jet Force Gemini and I plan on keeping it for I think this game will be worth something in the future.







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