Kingdom Hearts 2.5: Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix


Kingdom Hearts 2.5: Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix

As the anticipation of Kingdom Hearts 3 builds we will settle for Kingdom Hearts 2.5…for now

Before I get started to those who are NOT familiar with the Kingdom Hearts Franchise.
I advise reading anything pass this paragraph WILL SPOIL THE GAME FOR YOU.
But in synopsis with the new generation of consoles Square Enix has re-released one of their biggest video games Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts 2. Both these games came out on the ps2. And since there have been other kingdom hearts games that have come out on the hand held consoles like the PSP, Nintendo 3DS and Game Boy Advance; Square Enix is putting them all on one disc for the fans to enjoy or relive great memories these games have given us. That is all I have to say unless you want the game spoiled if you keep reading.

kh 2.5Alright first I want to apologize to any fans who may have been looking forward to me publishing this article sooner. Thing is I was caught up trying to infiltrate Cavern of Remembrance and I am happy to say I was successful in doing so…and I’m only on level 61.

To be more precise I walked in at level 58 I believe and I achieved level 61 at the end of this journey. No I don’t plan on taking on the data matches for I think it will be waste of time but I have a feeling I’m going to ignore what I just said and try it anyways just for kicks ^_^

Now there is a lot for to say about this game for I will be comparing my experience to the original kh 2 game to this one. I will be covering the following:

  • Comparing the gameplay
  • Comparing the remake of songs
  • Comparing if there was any difference between the ps3 version and ps2 game.

Also keep in mind I am writing this under the condition that I have not played Kh Birth by Sleep nor have I even completed a fourth of Kh Recoded, which is why I was so looking for to buying KH 2.5. Also too I played Kh 2 final mix on critical mode. For I have most of this game memorized.


Most of it 😉 the only thing that is unfamiliar to me is half the data matches. For some of you who follow Kh closely you already know why this game is familiar to me and I am not referring to watching the walkthroughs on youtube.

KH 2.5 Gameplay Comparison

kingdom hearts 2 final mixOverall the gameplay is the same. I am satisfied that Square Enix didn’t change to many things. Though I am sure they are working on new battle systems. Though I will say however whenever I transform into almost any form. I noticed sometimes it would take a bit longer to attack the heartless or nobodies. Though we are all grateful we can not take damage while transforming but it would through off my strategy a bit because sometimes when I transform sometimes it is a second or two later then it’s sometimes 10 seconds later that I am able to attack which I have not found a pattern as to why this happens.

There are also some slight costume changes I noticed like in Halloween Town or should I say Christmas Town. I’m failing to remember when this happened again in the game but more than likely I’ll bring it up one of our social media sites.

The first time I recall this happening was during the 1000 heartless fight scene. At first I overlooked this because I’m assuming it is because of the 1000 heartless. But it kept reoccurring occasionally. The one reoccurring thing I have noticed is that after the first transformation, any times after that the time is about normal. It isn’t the 10 seconds of waiting. Why this happens I would like to know.

I unfortunately experience some lag in gameplay which saddens me for I don’t recall any lagging in the original ps2 version. But then again that was kh 2. This is kh 2 final mix where there is more items, weapons, cutscenes etc. Regardless this was not something that would not make you want to complete the game.

KH 2 OST in HD

roxas, kh 2 final mixLike many of you out there I have immensely enjoyed the music from Kingdom Hearts so I definitely was looking forward to the music that was going to be in the game. Now some songs did not sound right. I mean yes they are in HD and many songs have a violin solo. Sometimes it worked sometimes it didn’t.

In cases that it didn’t in my opinion. Atlantica’s music, it sounded good but when I compare it to the the ps2 version I prefer the ps2 version. Same goes for the 13th Dilemma song. This was one of my most favorite boss battle music and I feel a bit let down. But I will say 13th Struggle did sound better in on this game. But there is this one song the theme music for Agrabah. I tell you when that violin solo kicked it…it touched my soul lol. This is definitely a song I will have on repeat.

Darkness of the Unknown sounded more official but then again maybe I’m not doing this comparison any justice because one thing too I played most of this game using wireless headphones. I purposefully do this so I can immerse myself in the game. Me personally it sometimes beats hearing the game through TV speakers. With that said I would experience kh 2 final mixes’ music a lot differently than the original kh 2. But I would I love love to hear anyone’s opinion on what their favorite music is.

Kh 2 Final Mix Overview:

This game is just great. I’m still playing through it. Once I am done with the data matches I will move on to kh birth by sleep. And I will give my opinion on the game as well. As a kh fan this game did deliver on everything you could have wanted out of this game. I have personally choose to stay up till 4am to complete this game as fats as possible just so I could give you all my opinion of the game. And not to mention I did preorder this game so I got it the game it came out 😀

That in of itself was amazing to get a game the day it comes out. And for those of you who have not had the pleasure of doing so I understand. That was pretty much my entire childhood. So I feel you on not being able to get something you wanted.

But stay tuned! This is Part 1 of my journey to completing Kh 2.5. As always feel free to give us a shout out on social media. We’d love to hear what you think so far about Kh 2.5. And what do you think about Star Wars and Marvel potentially being in Kh 3? I wrote my thoughts about here.
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