Kingdom Hearts 3: Another look


Kingdom Hearts 3: Another look

Kingdom Hearts 3: The Keyblade War We’ve Been Waiting For

terra, aqua, riku, kairi, ven, roxas, donald, goofy, sora, kh, kingdom hearts, All Kingdom hearts fans have been patiently and most likely impatiently been waiting for Kingdom hearts 3. As the teasing get’s worse we are provided with another trailer of gameplay from Kingdom Hearts 3.

Many may find this reckless but as a dedicated Kingdom Hearts fan. I will look into getting a Nintendo DS so I can complete Dream Drop Distance.

But I’ve worked my way through most of the game titles which I am proud of ^_^ but of course Kingdom Hearts on a next gen console is what all of us are waiting for. I’m not really going to talk a lot about the trailer since the kh3 trailer is above. Though the shotlock command I’m curious to see how they improved it.

Me personally, my thing is this. Yes it may have taken Square Enix a long time (more like a decade of time) to release this game. But they wanted to be innovative but that comes with high risks. How to lower that risk? You release bits of your idea in other gaming titles.

Because like most franchises, Star Wars being one of them. They tried different avenues to see how far they can take things will keeping the fans happy. Same applies to Kingdom Hearts 3. On a side note, if this game leads us on to that there will be another sequel. Then I don’t plan on seeing that until my 40s lol.

Since Square Enix also has Final Fantasy to deal and God knows whatever other games they may come up with in due time. The production in Kingdom Hearts may slow down even more. Because me personally I’ve enjoyed Star Ocean and Final Fantasy. Though I am curious to see where the KH franchise will go. Because I’m curious to see if online gameplay will take shape.

kh3, kh 3, kingdom hearts 3,Considering that everyone not only wants a keyblade but for the fact that we have seen such a wide variety of blades. The customization could be endless.

Which will inspire countless generations of fans. I may be hyping this franchise up a bit to much but there is nothing wrong considering the possibilities of what KH3 will bring to the table and lead us on to what is possible.

As for story lines go. I am really looking forward to see how Aqua’s story line takes off. I have the most interest in her at the moment. I know Sora is gonna bring it, Kairi is going to surprise us, and Riku is going to stay awesome and cool as we always remembered him.

As for Ven and Terra, I’m just gonna let there story play out. I’m assuming everything will be brought to a whole but I’m just stoked to see Aqua again.

Many agree Playstation did not tap into the full potential of the ps3 so with that premise can safely assume the same for PS4. So whatever we see now. We may see vast improvements and capabilities if another KH game were to be released years from now. Oh no…now that I think about it. What if we only see one KH per console??? :'( It was bad enough only getting only two kingdom hearts on one console.

I won’t think that for I’m sure production teams will be able to crank these games out faster with technology improving as rapidly as it does. But again, innovation, story telling and awesomeness can’t be rushed. Ok let’s keep happy thoughts here. We are all excited about this. Either you cried or screamed when you saw the trailer for the first time. Just know that we next door gamers did too.


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