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MySims Agents is a cute game where you have the opportunity to play as a detective, work on cases, and explore, to discover clues and solve cases with the main goal of stopping Morcubus, the evil villain (redundant but necessary).

You have your super cool, multiple stories, spy headquarters as well as awesomely advanced gadgets. You get to customize your outfit too, which I do like to change every once in a while. Obviously you also get to customize your character’s physical attributes such as the facial features, skin tone, and hair.

These customizations are a trademark of any Electronic Arts Sims game, so they are highly anticipated and even expected. Moreover, you have the chance to interact with other people as well as literally any object possible, in your quest to crack the case. You also get to hire people on to your team, who will work on other cases for you. They check in with you, sending you updates, and you advise them on what to do. Each one of these people has certain skills, and as you get better, you too can hire people with higher skill levels.

mysimsOkay so my struggles with this game have to be noted. Sometimes, there were puzzles that had to be solved, where you have to fit certain pieces together. Once, I was stuck on this for a few hours. It got very frustrating, and then finally I just looked at a game play tutorial for help.

I always think that I should not have; however, I only like a game when it is challenging and I can solve the problem at hand in a reasonable time. After a while, the problem changes from challenging to frustrating. That is when I start to lose my enjoyment. Anyways, after I solved the puzzle, I was able to continue onwards for a very long time, making significant progress, and then I got stuck again. In order to discover clues on MySims Agents, you literally need to interact with every single object and sometimes, I miss these.

Some objects seem insignificant so I do not go to them, but later I find out that I needed that object. I will have thought that I interacted with everything and I go through the entire playable area, and then I am still stuck. That is when I have to go all the way back to the beginning of the area and start interacting with every object again from the beginning.

mysimsSometimes, I have to do this multiple times because I miss the object too many times. Sometimes, I look it up online and even then I still struggle because I do not realize what and where I have missed a clue. One interesting thing is that in these cases, you do not necessarily have to do one clue at a time in a certain order.

Sometimes, you get to find all the clues at once, and this is a problem for me because I miss things. However, once I do figure out what I was stuck on, I am able to make rapid progress. I know that GameSpot called this game easy, but I beg to differ. It can be at a lull sometimes because it can be tedious. Point being, I get stuck on this game for tedious reasons, which can be frustrating, but otherwise I make good progress.

Although I have not finished the game to the end, I have completed several quests. I think this game is great because each major quest takes you to new and interesting locations which allows you to explore large areas. This is always fresh and keeps the game very entertaining.

Some characters are hilarious too (hilarious looking and hilarious acting). Each case has a completely different story line. You get to choose certain cases which is always fun. It is always very motivating to realize that my rank as an agent is going up. It is also fun to obtain new objects for my super fancy headquarters.

My conclusion is that this is a cute, fun, and entertaining game, and although it can be a little tedious sometimes, I recommend it.

Honestly, after writing this post, I just realized how much I miss playing the game. Got to go.

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