NBA Street Vol 2: The Best Ballers are in the Streets not the NBA

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NBA Street Vol 2: The Best Ballers are in the Streets not the NBA

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NBA STREET Vol 2: Basketball is More Than Just A Game

Since I haven’t covered a sports game yet, I wanted to make a good impression to the sports fan and I thought I cover one of the most legendary sports games, NBA Street Vol 2. Also, I’ll be covering a little more than just the game itself but the culture of the game as well.

This is why I have this song playing as you read this game review. Those who understand and are a part of the culture know I could not talk about this game without playing this song. I think you NBA fans will appreciate this as well. As stated in the title of this game review it is true that the best basketball players are NOT in the NBA or any other professional league.

Nba Street Vol 2Now when I say streets, don’t think of some ghetto with bad lighting and overall negative environment. I mean streets as in you’re outside, you have to deal with the environment, trash talking is part of the game, and above all else you either try to gain some respect or defend it.

Everything else is irrelevant. So if you’re wondering why this game seems a bit reckless that is why. If you suck at defense be prepared to be embarrased, if you  suck at offense…be prepared to be embarrased just the same.

One last side note this is where you feel the passion and intensity of the game. Politics is not welcomed. Which I think there should be less of in the current NBA but that’s just my opinion. And with all this said, NBA Street Vol 2 captured the very essence of the game  in this installment of NBA Street.

NBA Street Vol 2 vs NBA Street vs V3:

This I think needs to be addressed for each of these games have their pros and cons but they have to be address just the same. The original NBA Street was very enjoyable and I think really epxosed those to knew nothing about Street Ball. Some of the mechanics of the game in my opinoni were good for the sake of working from scratch but I saw noticeable differences in NBA Street Vol. 2 like naturally the most advance crossovers but some complain about the shooting mechanics went down compared to the original.

I’m not sure exactly why people think that since I’ve played both of the games and didn’t see or feel much of a difference but evryone has their own reasons for believing so. I personally enjoyed having all the special guests on Vol 2 from Nelly and 3LW.

nba street vol 2, nba street michael jordanBut of course I can’t go on without mentioning that both the old and new school Michael Jordan was in the game, and other legends like Larry Bird, Ervin “Magic” Johnson and Jerry West.

And I think this is what made this game legendary because it was litterally old school vs new school.

All you had to do was teach your family how to play and there you have it. For they know all the old school greats, my dad being one of them.

So this game made a great way to bond families who still play video games. And of course you can’t forget all the street legends like Stretch and Bonafide.

So when I heard about NBA Street V3 I was so hyped about what EA was going to do next. Yes they had some good inoovation to keep things new but I felt kinda let down.

I felt like the franchise was being pushed more into luxury than just the actual art of the game itself. I saw that in reference to NBA Ballers. Eventually V3 bored me and I barely finish the game. V3 didn’t have the replay value NBA Street Vol 2 had.

Anyways, that’s all I have to say about this. Feel free to comment on the comparison of these three games below. Here’s NBA Street Vol.2 Gamecube intro. I picked gamecube since I played this on my gamecube 😀

NBA Street Vol 2 OST:

There was a comment I saw on youtube and I don’t remember it verbatim but it went something like this:
“Whoever made the decision to have Reminisce Over You as the opening song to NBA Street Vol 2, you deserve to be promoted.”And that is the name of the song that you hear playing.

From Nelly, Mc Lyte and Lords Of The Underground you can’t get any better from a basketball game. EA you did a great job with this game’s soundtrack. Also, there are plenty of NBA Street Vol 2 youtube videos as well that have other songs from the game. Many I think who are big fans of this game had very little complaints about the soundtrack on this game.


Overall, this is a solid basketball game. No politics just plain basketball and high competition for anyone who wants to claim themselves the best. The soundtrack of the game is remarkable. I still occassionally listen to MC Lyte’s song Ride Wit Me.

And I think I am safe to say if you are curious about African American culture this is a good place to start. And everyone wins with this game since it did come out on Gamecube, PS2 and Xbox. I know people like game titles being exclusive but some games like this deserve to be on all platforms.  NBA Street Vol 2 is definitely a game worth passing down to the new generation of gamers.

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