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Welcome to NextDoorGamer


Welcome to NextDoorGamer.

I would like to introduce myself first as a person rather than as a gamer. I’ve been playing video games my entire life. Coherently anyways. I don’t know of too many infants that enjoy the Resident Evil franchise as much as I do. Anyway, For the past few years I’ve had an uneasy relationship with the current trends of the gamersphere. It seems that these days a majority of the content introduced to gamers is a periphery of the games themselves. Websites dedicated to gaming concentrate on topics related to gaming but rarely ever touch on the games themselves. For me, reviews don’t count. But writers have no touched on a certain aspect of gaming for the longest time and that is the art of actually discussing them. Every now and then I will be overjoyed to read about a certain writers thoughts on the storytelling aspect of a game or the hours of tedium that went into it’s production but for the most part these writings will be dismissed and underrated. I get it. It isn’t really what you go online for. Gaming is supposed to be about entertainment and if you wanted to hear a jaded old gamer talk about why there will never again be another great Zelda game (more on that later), it’d be like listening to your high school principal talk about his pet cats. It just isn’t fun. Which is why most sites don’t publish too much user generated opinionated content. A recent gaming review is about as close as you’ll get before the articles degrade into entire topic forums about headphones, a gaming convention that a normal gamer can’t attend (looking at you E3) or is unaccessible to most (sup, wondercon?), or what wacky new cosplay has emerged in the past month. It’s the fun stuff that keeps peoples attention.

I am by no means a gaming guru. I like a vast majority of the people that play have a relatively modest life. I work a day job with a lot of hours and my off time is usually spent dedicated to other things in my life. I buy my games and play them when i get the time to. I’ll set aside hours in my schedule to give my 360 the sweet sweet lovin she deserves. I rarely get to marathon game anymore. The days of me buying new releases on day one are for the most part over. I as a rule don’t hang out on obscure message boards or participate in tiny discussions about how awesome it would be if Chun-li made out with Samus. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. I am not always up to the minute informed on all gaming news and content that emerges. I, like the rest of you, hear it when I hear it. The particular day job I work usually puts me in places without internet access or cell phones or even a decent coffee shop so everything I get is breaking news to me.

I will do my best to dedicate this site to the aspect of gaming that has seemed to be lost to corporations and the hunt for internet ratings and that’s simply talking about the games themselves. Yes, every now and again I’ll run something on gaming culture as long as it is relevant. I will do my best to stay informed about a particular topic. I will strive to represent those that dedicate their life to a love of the gaming industry and all it entails. I will bring you nothing but the best product I can bring. Nothing half-assed or contrived or recycled from somebody elses writings. If I write a review it won’t likely be to persuade you to buy or skip a game. It will be to discuss it’s merits and faults. I’m not the marketing rep for EA. No one is paying me to make this site. It’s all in house, bare-bones, lunch money funded, garage headquartered glory and it’s all ours. It’s all yours.

This site is dedicated to the generation that would spend sessions at the lunch table discussing the story of a game they all played. The group of friends discussing their completely made up sequel to an indie horror game. The aspiring game producer that focuses on content and what they’d actually like to play rather than focus groups and answering to shareholders. The people that make the games we love are just as important as the people that play them. They ARE the people that play them. And without developers listening to them the world would be a very bleak place filled with nothing but sequels, reboots and 12-installments of dead franchises. But then again those are the thing that make gaming great. Let’s talk about it.


– TheArtfulKill

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