Ninja Gaiden 2: Swords, Death and Overly Large Assets


Ninja Gaiden 2: Swords, Death and Overly Large Assets

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Ninja Gaiden 2: Bring your “A” game or go home

Just as the title instates, Ninja Gaiden 2 is a great slash through your enemies game but one slip you’re dead. No Joke. Out of all the games I’ve played Ninja Gaiden 2 has been the HARDEST game I’ve completed. Yes I’ve even completed this game on Master mode….after many screams and kciks to my chair later.

But this is expected of Ninja Gaiden games I want to say the hardest thing about master mode is being ill equipped. Which forces you to increase your skills in knowing the combos and executing them at will. For Ninja Gaiden has been a hard game ever since it debuted over 20 years ago.

And it is because of this I suggest getting thi sgame on xbox 360 not ps3 just so you  have an idea of what Ryu Hayabusa is cappable of. But from what I’ve seen and from a technical aspect I would have to agree with others who have reviewed this game.  I own the sigma version. Though yes the sigma version tops the original version of the game in terms of graphics.

But the bad thing about the sigma version is you die more easily in sigma than in the xbox 360 version. I’m talking about any time you fight a boss and they happen tog et a grapple move on you that’s instant death. Unless you happen to have a potion on hand but even that is not a guarantee of survival. But that’s not even the biggest con of the game. Occassionally during my experience the game would lag. Even if it is off by a second that could be life and death because this is Ninja Gaiden we’re talking here.

ninja gaiden 2

Your reflexes better be swift and sharp at ALL TIMES. And this lag can be the deal breaker in you completing master mode or not. So in a way if you’ve completed master mode on the sigma version I salute you. Nothing to take away from those who have it on xbox but given the circumstances I just mentioned you know it would make it that much harder to complete the game.

Speaking of reflexes you have to check out this Ninja Gaiden 2 combo video. Just watch I really  don’t have any others words to say but awe and wow.

Nonetheless if you are seeking a game where you can execute combos, fly through the air and humiliate your enemies then Ninja Gaiden 2 is for you. I’ve played the first game…well sort of I only played the demo and I played the demo of the second installment and I would have to say the the second game is more fluid and flawless than the first. I would think a lot of bugs were taken care of.

ninja gaiden 2, ayaneAyane looking beautiful and graceful as always. I already have a respect for double kodachi fighting style and it went up playing as Ayane. And yes occasionally when charging at an enemy I would say, “Oniwaban style double kodachi, Kaiten Kenbu Rokuren!”

Now of course I can’t talk about Ayane and not mention Momiji. Now please forgive me for not knowing the weapon Momiji uses, I’m thinking spear or lancer. I’m really not sure about lancer but point is Momiji was trained by Ryu Hayabusa which means she’s very capable of bring you a quick and certain death. She is the Shrine Maiden of the Hayabusa village and protects the young ninjas in training.


Ninja Gaiden 2 Online Gameplay:

As for online gameplay things start out rather easy. Missions seem very doable, many of them you can even accomplsh without another human companion. But then when you get to the Master Ninja Mission and Ultimate missions…all I have to say is good luck.

For some of those missions all I’m going to say is I got lucky on a few times and some of it came from playing with someone who knows what their doing. That’s the best I advice I have for you. Outside of making sure you have a solid internet connection because lagging is far from what you need.

There is one mission I haven’t completed but I have beaten the rest of them and that’s more than enough for me. I kid you not when I tell you Ninja Gaiden 2 has been the hardest game I’ve played thus far. Out of all the ninja games out there, Ninja Gaiden 2 makes you earn your stripes. I defintely got mine…

Will I cover Ninja Gaiden 3? No I will not. Since I heard many bad reviews among other major factors that the game lacked. As of now the only game I suggest is playing up to Ninja Gaiden 2.










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