Onimusha Dawn of Dreams

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Onimusha Dawn of Dreams

Onimusha Dawn of Dreams: when Fate is not your friend.

Out of all the Onimusha games I’ve played I have to say Onimusha Dawn of Dreams was the most fun to play. From love interests to fist fights to gender equality to overall story plot I enjoyed this game. I even enjoyed the soundtrack of this game as well. Just fyi this game is also called Shin Onimusha Dawn of Dreams when it was released in Japan.

Onimusha Dawn of Dreams: Gameplay

The controls and feel of the game is much different from Onimusha 3 Demon Siege and the previous games that came before. They even added a somewhat free roam where you can replay levels. For you couldn’t do that with the previous games.

juebi yagyu, onimusha dawn of dreams, Personally it is kind of annoying when you have to go back  to the beginning levels to go get important items or equipment but I guess this add to the replay value of the game. And of course some of us just want to summon the most powerful attack on the weakest enemies just because we can ^_^

You have to power up your attacks for there is a level up system that wasn’t in previous games. And once you level up your attacks it allows you to unlock even more attacks. But how powerful the attacks are is up to your skill in the game. Which is a fair trade off if you ask me.

You also get a good range of characters to play as. Because you can be a samurai (Soki), ninja (Jubei Yagyu), shooter (Ohatsu), boxer (Roberto),  or monk (Tenkai). So have fun with it ^_^ And and this can be a 2 player game as well. Just one piece of advice teamwork is key.

Onimusha Dawn of Dreams: Soundtrack

Again out of all the games in this series, I enjoyed the soundtrack from this game the most. From Roberto’s theme, Soki’s theme to boss battle songs like Gargant Theme and the final boss theme. If I went on about the songs I like then this would be a super long article lol. Maybe I bring it up in another blog post.

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If you still have your PS2. This is a game worth getting. Either you find it at a gamestore, Amazon or craigslist. This game is worth playing. I assure you, that because since there is way more than one character you can play with. That means there is so much extra you can do and that much more at your disposal. Just playing through the Dark Realm with each character is sure to keep you busy for a LONG time. I am not even exaggerating that.

But regardless of gameplay you will enjoy the songs as you slice through demons and become greater than all the Onimusha before you. But I’m also happy that to see old characters from previous games as well both good and bad. It just made the game that much more exciting ^_^

I would like to do a walkthrough of this game in the future. I’ll be sure to add this to my list of things to do. Anyways, don’t sleep on Onimusha Dawn of Dreams!

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