PC Vs Console Gaming

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PC Vs Console Gaming

Nothing like having the game you wanted and you can’t play it.

As much as it hurts to write this I have to admit defeat here. SO of course the age old question of  pc gaming or console gaming? Which is better? Well the default answer is every console in a way is a PC. Especially today it is even more true since you can browse the internet on your console unlike those who grew up on N64. And of course many PC gamers would argue why wouldn’t you have a PC and play any game you like than buy a console and be limited to what you can play.

There is that point but considering that I’ve been a console gamer nearly all my life, I now understand I think I will stay a console gamer. Because you put the game in you know the game will play. That’s it. But I’ll go into more detail here. So I’m a big fan of Kotor 2. Now I just got a new and better laptop. I am very pleased with it but then I wanted to play Kotor 2 on it. I ran into problems getting it to work. And this didn’t discourage me because I’ve been through this before.

And normally after about a hour or two I get the game working. Things pretty much turned out the same way. I got the game up and going and then boom the game crashes. And it happens again. And again. So I’m sitting there wondering why it wouldn’t work. I was confident it would work because I got it to work on an older laptop with no problems at all. After many edits to files, changing settings, and after all that…still same problem. 5 hours later I’m still sitting here determined to figure this out.

From Youtube, to Steam forums, GOG forums and even Reddit I made no progress. Only for me to find a link in a forum that lead to this,

The following games are not playable on 2nd Generation Intel® Core™ Processors with Intel® HD Graphics 3000/2000:

  • Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic I*
  • Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic II*

Here’s the source.

Talk about being disappointed. All the other specs pass with flying colors and to fall short of graphic issues. Which really makes me sad for the sake of my laptop is only a few years old yet Kotor 2 came out nearly a decade ago. I consider myself quite tech savvy. I know I’m not the best but I think I know enough to at least keep up in most tech conversations. Now given that most people’s tech skills do improve over time simply because of the information age we live in. But some people just don’t want to go through all the hassle of making sure they have every piece of equipment to make a game work.

Even the game doesn’t work on your console normally it’s one of a few things, the disc is scratched, you put the disc in the wrong way or if you’re really special you need to upgrade to the expansion pack 😉 LOL

These are all easy fixes. But to be told you need to upgrade drivers, or overclock your CPU and well you get the point. Now sure you can just walk into Fry’s Electronic store and say hey I want a gaming pc. But at the end of the to each their own. Now I just need to figure out is it worth fixing my old laptop since the motherboard crashed (topic for another day about motherboards conveniently crashing at a certain time) since that is the only machine I have available that can play Kotor 2.


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