Peter Dinklage as Destiny’s Ghost?

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Peter Dinklage as Destiny’s Ghost?

Bungie hit a homerun with Destiny having just released this month and, selling over 5 million copies of the “shared world” first person shooter. Having followed the games development for a long time and awaiting the game with the utmost excitement, I knew it was going to be good.

For a moment my wait seemed everlasting and I was growing impatient but ultimately it all paid off. When launch date arrived I blessed the gaming gods and got to playing. Right off the bat I was transported back to my halo days. I thought, “It feels just like when I first played as Master Chief but even better!”


We can’t deny that Destiny has all the great elements found in the most critically acclaimed games like Halo, Mass Effect and even a bit of Force Unleashed in the mix.

Which a melting pot of heroes  like our relentless Spartan, Invincible Shepard, and other dynamite science fiction icons as reference there’s no surprise that an AI such as Ghost is a main component it this games story arch.

Throughout the games earlier stages there was much talk of casting and story line ideas. Bits and pieces here and there, that didn’t fully come together until we got a chance to play the Beta. In which afterward there’s quite a bit of talk over Peter Dinklage’s voice over work in Destiny.

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Dinklage most known for his role as Tyrion Lannister in HBO’s Game of Thrones lends his voice to the Destiny guide Ghost, a remnant of the Traveler. Essentially being this game’s Qaurtana, your Ghost guides you through the map, shares ideas, and even cracks a few jokes.

When playing the beta many found Peter Dinklage’s voice acting to be sub-par and “flat”. It came with to the management team at Bungie due to the fact that they had used the raw edits of Dinklage’s voice in the Beta, which the company tweaked in the final version of the game establishing a more robotic yet engaging tone to his voice.

As well as removing a few confusing and now notorious lines in the Destiny script. One of which being “The fallen haven’t been on Earth for centuries. That wizard came from the moon.” Which many players quote to have being the worst line in the opening mission of the game. On their blog Bungie wrote, “Funny thing about Alpha builds … they’re not done, Please pardon our Moon dust!”

destinyThere are many who blame Dinklage for his “horrid” voice acting, commenting on the way he delivers lines and how seems to lack any initiative. Others who believe he just didn’t particularly care for this role, for the same reasons just mentioned, and then there is everyone else who is sure that Dinklage tired his best to portray the guardian’s futuristic robot ally and did a good job at it.

I for one will be sporting my “That wizard came from the moon” Shirt in support of  Dinklage and the Destiny script that once was. In any case what did you think? Was Peter Dinklage a good fit?


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