Welcome to Port Abello!


Welcome to Port Abello!

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One of my passions in life mainly involves food. I love, love food. Not only eating good food but I also had a curiosity to cook good food. I don’t have much experience cooking however finding a cooking simulator was a great substitute. Not only do I get to prepare full course meals, I also get to serve it.

Order Up is one of those video games for the Wii that I longed to play for years. I won’t deny that when I finally bought it was well worth the wait. It is a fantastic cooking simulator that takes me back to my days of playing games similar to it like Papa Pizzeria or Cooking Mama.

Order up chefsYour objective is easy to understand, cook up meals that customers order and serve them in a timely manner. Seems fair enough, right? Well here’s the catch, eventually you will have to multitask, including paying attention to how each customer wants their dish prepared, and especially to make sure their meal does not get served cold.

You start off with a choice of a male or female chef in an airplane, and then a cartoon cut scene initiates as your character is dropped, onto an island called Port Abello, into a dumpster. They start your tutorial off into a fast food place called Burger Face so it’s not hard to get adjusted to the cooking mechanics. Later on your character decides to begin their own chain of restaurants, each with various themes like American food, Mexican, and Italian.

As a player, it is up to you to turn each of them into five star restaurants.Order Up sauteing
I will state that this game is mainly emphasized on motion controls using the Wii Remote and nunchunk. Sometimes it can be a bit lacking, since each task you do in the kitchen uses your Wii remote in unique ways.

Plenty of times I had trouble carving meat or folding a burrito. Although it doesn’t hold you back from progressing and just make it more entertaining. Using the Wii Remote really does give the sensation of actually cooking in a kitchen. A player can flip burgers, shake the pan for sautéing, carve meat, or stir pasta in a pot. Likewise the sound effects blend well with the motion controls.

For example, chopping a vegetable, boiling water, steaming food and sautéing meat can easily be heard from your Wii remote or television. All of it is quite a delicious ordeal (no pun intended).
Order Up’s humor reflects in their art style and animation.

Don’t get me wrong, in their cut scenes the animation is well polished. Characters, or customers, are drawn in a distinct way that is wacky. Some of their personalities are dumbed down or just plain stupid. It’s not too bad, and you will get a few laughs, although I prefer they took time to not do sloppy humor.

Order up stationKids can appreciate humor that isn’t mocking their intelligence. Secondly it would have been better to have a multiplayer section, since you could have the second player become an assistant chef or do a competition. It would have been creative if the second player could become a server or actually handle the cash register, having their own mini games and controls.

You do get to use spices for chef specials or for a customer’s preference of taste and I think it would have been helpful if they stated how much to use on a dish. Only on food specials will it tell you when and what to add the spices. Thankfully they don’t leave you completely blind. All in all Order Up! is a great cooking simulator.

It encourages you to save up money for buying new recipes, upgrades for your restaurant, food specials, chef assistants, and etc. In general it took me seven hours to complete normal mode.Order up serve
There is replay value yet normal mode might be too easy for the older audience so I would advise to try hard mode.

I would definitely say that this game is highly underrated (cheap to buy too) so if you’re into cooking simulators then I would say buy it for yourself or for some of your younger family members.


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