What are those?! PS5?


What are those?! PS5?

PS5 and the new Xbox??? Bruh…

While looking through my facebook news feed I stumbled upon this PS5 artcle. No I did not read it all because I did not want to. I just couldn’t get over the title of the article. Not because I had a problem with it. I just had a problem that the PS5 rumors are already being talked about.

Me and like many other gamers out there do not have a PS4 because me and many other gamers are still enjoying our PS3. I still play my Need for Speed Hot Pursuit online. I still play God of War and Final Fantasy.

But to make this clear, I don’t care about the design, I don’t care about the specs, I don’t care about the graphics, I don’t care about the new features I don’t care about what the price should be. ALL I CARE ABOUT IS HOW PEOPLE ARE TALKING ABOUT PS5 AND WE STILL DON’T HAVE KINGDOM HEARTS 3!

One of my friends said, “Gaming is officially just a business… Not for the fans anymore.” And this is why I decided to create Next Door Gamer. Because myself and the other blog writers on this website are fans just like you who enjoy losing hours of our lives on ridiculous boss battles, solving IQ level 9000 puzzles and dungeons. And then laugh about it with those who did the same.

Now please take into consideration that this rant of mine is based on a rumor and nothing factual but my point still remains valid. Why even entertain new consoles when fans and developers can agree that we did not even tap into the potential PS3 had when the PS4 came out. The same applies even more so to the PS4.

And obviously the computer science world is ever evolving quickly with more CPU (central processing unit) power and memory readily available. That means game developers have that much more freedom, space and power to create things that they could not do on older gaming consoles.

xbox twoAnd from a fan perspective, people still enjoy playing xbox and ps2 games just as much as they did when they bought them. I still talk about Kotor 2 like it came out yesterday when it came out 11 years ago. And who freaking cares about the price of these new consoles.

We normal people have bills. And since many of us gamers are young people. Many of us have student loan debt while struggling to keep a decent job. I’m not even talking about minimum wage jobs. I’m talking about skilled labor jobs because you can get outsourced or straight up replaced by a machine. Think I’m kidding? Watch this Youtube video, “Human need not apply

So while many of us millennials, struggle to get by as we share living spaces with roomates or parents. As much as we would like to keep our gaming hobbies. Buying a new game console that costs anything north of $500 may not be to friendly to the average gaming consumer.

I did not mean to throw economics into this blog post but I think this needs to be address from one gamer to another. Especially you gamers like myself who aren’t allowed into E3.

Ok my rant is done. If you feel some type of way like I do. Hit us up on tumblr or leave comments on our youtube videos. We are most active on those two social networks. Till next time. And remember, If life get’s hard, respawn, reload and mash harder.



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