The Sims 3 | PC


The Sims 3 | PC

Finally getting around to writing about one of my all-time favorite games. In terms of the genre of roleplay or simulation games, this is definitely my #1. I bought this game a few months after it came out, and I still play it with just as much excitement as the first day. This was completely worth my $50, and it is definitely cheaper now, especially since The Sims 4 has come out.

Having played the earlier Sim games, this was definitely a huge improvement. Finally, I was not confined inside one house with a maybe or two neighbors. There is actually a whole town to explore with so many skills to advance: fishing, gardening, writing, cooking, guitar, logic, handiness, athletic, and even advancing in a career. Furthermore, each Sim has wishes that the player can chose to fulfill or not fulfill. Fulfilled wishes provide lifetime happiness points that can be redeemed for special Sim advancements such as getting hungry less often, starting over in the world of romance, or even a teleportation pad.


You still get to design your own house as well as your Sim. In creating your Sim, there is so much more freedom in creation. You are no longer limited to just a few options. You get to adjust the face and body as desired.

You can even merge two Sims to create a child and play with that Sim. Family trees are displayed as well so it is really fun to see the progression of a family over time. Furthermore, you add a personality with five traits, as well as a zodiac sign, favorite color, and favorite music, plus a life ambition. Amongst all of these, there are several options to choose from so it is no longer boring. There is much more creative space to design any home or Sim.

One important thing to note is that this game is not going to be loved by everyone. I, on one hand, adore this game, whereas my sister does not. Imagination is key. I love creating new characters, new towns, and new relationships. I love doing crazy things that I would never do in real life. I love creating crazy personalities.I even create celebrities. As long as I have ideas on stories I want to create, the game is fun.

However, once one runs out of ideas, the game becomes repetitive. Eventually you will exhaust the options of the game after having done everything as I have due to playing this game for years. This is the only flaw in the game that I can point out, and whether this happens or not is up to the player. Another important thing to realize is that now the game is a bit outdated because The Sims 4 is advanced and upgraded, but nevertheless, The Sims 3 is a classic for me.

Obviously, there are expansion packs for The Sims 3 as well, but I can not emphasize enough how brilliant just the base game is. There are lots of little things that make this game awesome, and I could go on listing them forever, so all I want to say is – regardless of how long you play it or chose to exhaust it, The Sims 3 is worth your time.

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