Sonic and the Secret Rings | Wii

sonic and the secret rings

Sonic and the Secret Rings | Wii

sonic secret ringsOh gosh, even thinking about this game is mind boggling and stressful, let alone playing it.

So first, the story begins with an Aladdin, replaced by Sonic, the magic lamp, and genie storyline. There are only images on the screen with voice overs, and sometimes the images move. That was okay. I was disappointed that there was no movement. There was not a pretty video cut scene which I was really looking forward to. This is the way every cut scene works.

Next, this game is insanely difficult. Even the very first few stages were terrible for me. It was supposed to be the tutorial where I learned the controls, and yet I could not even jump. It was a huge struggle. I could not make it past the first chapter.

My sister tried a bit harder than I did and made it to the next chapter, but even from her, I would constantly hear complaints. This is never the Wii game that is the at the top of our to-play list. Only when we have exhausted the other games, or promised each other that we won’t play the games that we want to play without each other, this comes out.

sonic secret ringsI could not master the basic controls so obviously I could make it on the rest of the game. Sure, I may try again. However, this was so off putting that I am just not interested anymore. It’s fun when a game is a challenge, but not when a game seems impossible. I know many people have mastered this game, but this just was not for me. Even on Amazon reviews, people do not have great regard for Sonic and the Secret Rings.

sonic secret ringsI bought this game because it was significantly cheaper than other Wii games, and I wanted to add to my Wii collection; however, this was not a good decision. Despite the price, I do not feel that the game was worth it. I know that others have succeeded with this game and possibly even enjoyed it, but in my opinion, this game is a no. I would not recommend this game. I honestly am not sure what people see in it or how they enjoy it. I commend those that have made it to the end. Maybe one day I will return to this game and attempt to finish it, but for now, it is going to be pushed to the very bottom and back of the game collection.

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