Sonic and SEGA All-Stars Racing | Wii


Sonic and SEGA All-Stars Racing | Wii

This is one of my all time favorite racing games on the Wii. I’ve played it so much and I’m still not tired of it.

You can keep playing until you master all the tracks, win all the trophies, and purchase all the extra tracks, characters, and music. There’s always something to keep playing for. Obviously eventually you will have mastered everything, a point I have not reached yet, but even if I do, I know for sure that I will still play this game again and again because I do not get tired of it. More often, I’ve played with my sister competitively so I have a lot of the solo player challenges to finish. Once I finish the solo section, I will always go back to playing against my sister and friends.


This racing game offers several different characters from completely different games ranging from the famous Sonic or B.D. Joe from Crazy Taxi each with their own unique vehicle. My personal favorite character who I always play with is Ulala, who keeps it classy.

Each race track is quirky in the sense that it has its own music and own unique twists and turns. I like that while the race track is loading, the screen displays different hints and advice on how to play using different sets of controls to win. That was initially very helpful. I also enjoy that characters can do stunts and tricks while completing a jump for a higher score in miles at the end of the race. Another great aspect is the power ups ranging from an increase in speed, a punch to another player, a forcefield, rockets, or the ultimate All Star power.

The All Star is the best because it can completely change the game for a player.The All Star drives a player automatically and does an extra something special against all characters it passes dependent on which character the player uses. Ulala shoots at all players she passes. All Star allows for going from last place to first or second place. Sometimes if you are unlucky enough to be in last place multiple times, you can get the All Star multiple times and end up finishing in the top ranks, especially when you cross the finish line with the All Star still in play. Each All Star comes with a unique symbol and music track when activated.

Moreover, the tracks are all very pretty. Roulette Road is so colorful and completely reminds me of Las Vegas. Shibuya Downtown is modern, and I love doing jumping stunts in this. I also enjoyed playing Icicle Valley a lot out of the first initial, basic tracks. I liked it much better than Whale Lagoon, which was a bit more difficult and boring for me. Sunshine Tour is so much fun for the music! I want to dance and laugh at the same time. There also race tracks that I like much less from towards the end of the list, mostly because I am not good at them, but I’ll let you take a look and decide for yourself. Regardless, this is one of my all time favorite racing games, and I highly recommend checking Sonic and SEGA All-Stars Racing out.

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