Spy Fox in “Dry Cereal”


Spy Fox in “Dry Cereal”

spy-fox-in-dry-cereal-1I absolutely love this game. I played it so much as a child and went back to replay some of the Spy Fox games just recently as an adult. Interestingly enough, there was an iOS and Google Play version released as well as a Wii version released before that. Apparently, I’m not the only one who misses this game, which is why I am going to talk about the original classic.

Spy Fox is sassy and humorous. His character is so charming. I appreciate his comments even  more now as an adult. Professor Quack always eats the blueprints of the gadgets he talks about, which initially stressed me out because I used to think that was the only copy.

Walter Wireless has a small role, but is definitely memorable as he appears only sometimes. I absolutely love that the game is different every time you play depending on what paths you choose, repeating between a few choices. Also the flirting between Spy Fox and Russian Blue is undeniable. There’s definitely some chemistry there.

I remember when I first played this game, I was stuck at this door for so long. I didn’t realize I need to use the toothbrush gadget. I passed by the spot so often, but didn’t know what to do. This was during the time when walkthroughs online were not really a thing, so I had to ask my dad to help me. He figured it out within a few minutes, and I was so happy.

hqdefault (1)I got to see a cut scene and had made progress after such a long time of being stuck. It was so exciting! Every time I made progress or saw a new cut scene, I felt so accomplished. This game was a bit difficult as a child. However, once I finished it the first time, I went back and replayed so many times, trying to play every game path.

There are so many things you can click on and generally see different things each time. For instance, the “wanna see my tattoo?” changes every time, switching between a few options.

Every time you talk to someone, they can also switch up what they’re saying. In general, most characters are pretty sassy so it’s interesting to hear them speak. Although you have your current mission at hand, you have different options for minigames.

I love is buying the green jar of trinkets from the white bunny outside and playing infinite rounds of Go Fish with the sweaty and overconfident pig. That was a ton of fun.

thumbnail4You have to play until you win the special trinket, but after that, you are allowed to keep playing as much as you want because you have an infinite amount of trinkets to wager with.

You also have a spy watch, which has a “Fun” button,  in which you play a minigame completely unrelated to the actual mission. This is probably my favorite minigame of the Spy Fox set. You also get to talk to  Monkey Penny whenever you feel like through the watch.

The introductory and end cut scene are fun to watch. There’s also a bonus ending that I didn’t know existed for the longest time. Every time I played this game, I discovered something new, which keeps it exciting. Do not look anything up unless you are really struggling. It’s so much fun to figure it out yourself. If you didn’t play this game as a child, I still recommend playing it now. You missed out if you didn’t!


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