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Star Wars Force Unleashed: Destroying what you know about the Force

This game had a lot of promise for Star Wars Force Unleashed was not teased fans in Soul Calibur 4 but was going to be completely different from any other Star Wars games involving Jedi and Sith. But let’s recognize the previous Jedi games such as Jedi Outkast and Jedi Academy which talked about Kyle Katarn and his student Jaden Korr.

Though these games were good but it didn’t really capture the awesomeness of being a force user. And this is where Force Unleashed comes in.

Star Wars Force Unleashed: Gameplay

star wars force unleashedI believe the Force was captured very well in this game from the sound effects, the graphics, the uses and interaction of using the force. For God’s sake you can force push doors open as you run open to doors. And if the door would not open you can do a concentrated force push to get the door open.

But we have to give a lot of credit to the developers because one thing that made the game more realistic is that the environment doesn’t not break the same way every time. But that again was due to technology not being advanced enough. Ever notice how things broke the same way when playing games on the Ps1 or N64?

Yes that is what I’m referring to. But not only that the Storm Troopers were programmed with AI to do their best to stay alive even when killing you was the main objective. These small but major changes was already going to make the highly noticeable difference between Force Unleashed and any other previous Star Wars game.

And as always when you play a game when everything and everyone is trying to kill you, you will have a great arsenal of tricks, attacks and defense. Things such as the saber throw, use telekinesis to huddle your enemies around and of course the deadly force lightening.

On a side note it would be cool if the developers added a feature where the players could control how the lightsaber is thrown. For Yoda did the saber throw in episode 3 but his saber stayed straight. Yet when Vader threw his saber it spinned like Starkiller’s saber throw.

Star Wars Force Unleashed: Story line

galen marekThis game picks up what it seems to me the ending of the execution of order 66. For the game does open up as you playing as Darth Vader. In the middle of executing a mission Vader stumbles upon a promising young male by the name of Galen Marek aka Starkiller.

Galen was but a small boy when Vader took him in and trained him up to be a Sith Assassin. As Starkiller grows in both age and power he soon tasked with killing important rebel targets. But a slight problem comes in. Always going about doing Vader’s will, at some point in time in the game Starkiller has permission to do what he wants and finds himself conflicted on what to do for the situation of not knowing what to do after following orders for so long causes heavily internal conflict inside him.

That is pretty much the gist of the story without spoiling to much of the game. But this game is highly relatable since pretty much nearly anyone reading this blog post has experienced following their parents orders and wishes for so long that when you become of age you feel conflicted on what to do for yourself.

Star Wars Force Unleashed: Overview

darth vader, force unleashedThe game delivers on action, story line and replay value for you do have the options to choose which ending you want to experience just like Beyond Two Souls. But also too this game I think could set the benchmark for how future star wars games will be built since this is the first star wars game that took a completely different direction from older star wars games and there is much that can be built upon since there is already a Force Unleashed 2.

The game did incorporate some fight scenes just like from the God war of series. But it works for you would have to do things to capture how deadly yet epic how someone can use the force. Which brings that much more meaning to the title force unleashed.

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