I really enjoy games where I get to perform actions in a role play type of setting. Supple is another one of those games. With a tagline “play the world’s first interactive sit-com,” the player plays as Arin Costello, an associate editor at Supple magazine, a fashion magazine. The goal is to beat Hugh by Friday.

As Arin, you get to shop, eat, interact, and drink. You can drink coffee or alcohol and both have their pros and cons. Coffee only gives a temporary energy boost and then it later drops. Alcohol lowers some stress, but comes with a kind of hangover. It takes time to get rid of the buzz. There are also different food options and juices, which each have their own effects.


Trying on new clothes, buying them, and switching outfits is great for Arin. Wearing jeans may impress Hugh, but not the boss, Margot. It’s important to come dressed professionally. Each outfit has characteristics. For example, there is a professional aspect as well as an attractiveness aspect. Arin can choose dependent on if she wants to impress Margot or Hugh.

It’s a race against Hugh. Both Arin and Hugh work as quickly and efficiently as possible to complete stars. However, there are many obstacles on the way. All other actions affect productivity. Even if Arin starts earlier but is less productive, Hugh may still win the star. Whoever reaches 100% first gets the entire star because they submitted first. So if Arin did not get that star, she wasted all her time working on it and increasing stress.

Arin can also romance Hugh if she likes. This is where clothing comes in handy. There are different outfits available to attract Hugh or Margot. Each interaction with each individual increases or decreases the strength of the relationship. Through trial and error, I learned what to say to Hugh and Margot. There’s also a respect factor. Hugh  might find Arin attractive, but not respect her, due to the things she has said. Margot might like Arin for sucking up to her, but won’t respect her for it. It’s important to find the right balance.supple

My main purpose was definitely to beat Hugh, but I also enjoyed the dynamic with him. It was definitely fun interacting with him. He isn’t someone I would just ignore. I wouldn’t want to just talk to Margot because it gets boring. There are way more varied options to interact with Hugh. You also can see him outside the office, whereas you can’t see Margot outside. Arin can run into Hugh at the clothing store, bar, or restaurant. If Arin and Hugh reach a high enough relationship, they eventually get to go to a special, inaccessible location due to their romantic relationship. If Arin doesn’t get romantic with Hugh, this entire aspect of the game is missed. I personally found this part really fun so I recommend playing out everything to see every special situation.

I do agree that Supple is kind of like a soap opera. Everyone is super sassy and unlike the Sims, they speak in English so you can hear them. As Arin, you get a different perspective than you would in the Sims. I also like the different aspects to the relationship. For example, respect is never considered in the Sims. I highly recommend Supple if you’re a fan of roleplaying like I am. I’m actually going to go back and  replay it now. I got really excited about it while writing this. *cue Supple elevator music*

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