TBT: Star Fox Reloaded

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TBT: Star Fox Reloaded

What if Nintendo brought back Star Fox?

Hello everyone, I’m back and ready to share more of my thoughts with you all. Since it is Throw Back Thursday (TBT) I’ll cover Star Fox.

So I’m going to use a movie analogy here before I get into Star Fox. Let’s take James Bond movies. They always seem to release a new James Bond movie that is equally just as enjoyable even if the characters change while the main characters don’t. Even if they actors/actresses change the audience doesn’t care. For the fact that it is a James Bond movie people will come see the movie.

With that analogy said, let’s take Star Fox. A very well known franchise and definitely one of those characters you have to say when mentioning Nintendo. What if Nintendo brought back Star Fox? I was thinking about them redoing Star Fox 64 since that game is legendary but I figure that wouldn’t be enough since we’ve come a long way in technology.

Even if the game was enhanced with HD graphics, better user interface (UI) and better cut scenes I don’t think it would be enough. Then I thought about Star Fox Adventures. That was another underrated game in my book and the ost was amazing. For it was a new spin  on Star Fox for you didn’t spend all your time in the Arwing. And not to mention the debute of the new character Krystal.

Then I took it a step further and thought about Star Fox Assualt. That game was pretty good for it felt like a mix of Star fox 64 and Star Fox Adventures though it was mostly a shooting type of game. It wasn’t much of a puzzle game like Star Fox Adventures.

krystal starfoxSo don’t you think Nintendo could somehow mix all three of these titles? Just fuse the legendaryness (yes I just made that word up) of Star Fox 64, the elegance of Star Fox Adventures and the epicness of Star Fox Assault. This may be a lot to ask but point is people still like Star Fox.

Shoot we have Krystal to work with as well so maybe make a role playing game and have us gamers  choose to play as Kystal or Star Fox as the protagonists of the game. And each storyline has certain pros and cons the other storyline doesn’t have.

And once w ebeat both stories, combine them together for the final showdown. It worked beautifully in Sonic Adventure 2 and man other titles. Are any of you liking this idea?

All it will take is some innovation and creativity to pull this off. I say those two things since I know Nintendo is not lacking in resources. But speaking of lack Nintendo may need an upgrade in hardware to pull this off. For I don’t think the Wii U can handle the work load.

I’m going to assume the Xbox One and PS4 can but I don’t know about Nintendo. Since Nintendo has done a great job on reusing old hardware to keep costs low and be friendly to it’s customers’ financial situation in this rough economy we live in. But if I were to speak on behalf of Star Fox fans we would like to see a remake or a continuation of old Star Fox games on next gen consoles.

For seeing Star Fox live on only in Super Smash Bros games I think is a bit of an injustice to Fox. Though I thank Nintendo for putting Wolf and Falco in the games but still. I’d like to see a new Star Fox game. Especially since Nintendo wants to keep making new games for Link and Zelda and Mario.

Why not Star Fox???

Anyways….what do you all think about this? I’d love to hear from you all Star Fox fans out there. Oh and some knowledge to share that I just discovered today. According to Screw Attack’s Death Battle video of Star Fox vs Bucky O’hare, The Star Fox team AMPUTATED yes AMPUTATED their legs.

If you don’t know what amputated means, star fox cut off their legs. Why because there’s lots of G-Force when piloting the Arwing. Due to the pressure from the G-Force it would make your blood go from your head to your legs. No bueno. Everything else you’re just gonna have to watch the video.

Well that’s all I have to say on this matter. And thank you to all of you who followed us on tumblr. We really appreciate it 😀 don’t forget to leave a comment on what you would want to see in the new Star Fox game.








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