Tetris Party Deluxe | Wii


Tetris Party Deluxe | Wii

Tetris Party Deluxe is your usual game of Tetris spiced up special features in different playing fields and modes. For example, you can create your own puzzles or explode your blocks through bombs. Initially, I did not understand why anyone would get Tetris on the Wii because you can already play it on the computer. I saw no reason or need to get it on the Wii. However, my sister is a hardcore Tetris fan and thus, we bought the game.

tetris party deluxeFor one thing, it was really nice to turn the Wii remote according to which way I wanted to move each block. Beforehand, I had thought playing Tetris on the Wii might be pointless, but the Wii actually allows for a moving connection that would be impossible otherwise. This is the biggest difference of playing Tetris on the Wii versus anywhere else.

Visually, there are different backgrounds which is nice, but nothing extreme since the focus is on the movement of the blocks. Of course, there are great Tetris music tracks included as well which is extremely important. The music always makes the game more fun. I know from experience that I am more pumped about the game with the music, versus without the music, the game seems bland. Tetris music has become so famous that there was even a Tetris track on the Wii game – Just Dance 2015.

Of course since this a party, the multiplayer option is available which is nice as well. It was fun to competitively play by seeing other players on the same screen. You can also connect online to play with others if you do not have anyone who wants to play with you or are looking for different competitors than your usual.

I actually have only played the game the day we bought it, and once more when my sister asked. To be honest, I haven’t seen her playing it either, but that might be due to the fact that out of all of our games, Tetris is never my first choice to play together. However if asked, my sister states that she still likes it and is glad to have bought it. If you’re a hardcore Tetris fan like my sister is, don’t miss out on this version. However if you’re more neutral like me, this is more of a one time or every once in a while type of game. I would say this game is at least worth trying once.

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