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I have to admit that I was very skeptical about Captain Toad Treasure Tracker for the Wii U. In Super Mario 3D World, Nintendo decided to test out the gameplay for Captain Toad to see if the audience enjoyed it and fortunately they did. Likewise they chose to turn Captain Toad into an official video game.  Although the concept of it seemed very cute, likewise its main demographic might have been aimed at children.

cap'n toad,Let’s confess because most of every Mario related game I have played, to me at least, rarely pose a challenge at first. So the idea of exploring through a three dimensional puzzle didn’t appeal to me until I actually played it.

The story begins with Toadette getting kidnapped by Wingo, a giant magical bird, hence the reason why Captain Toad has to track her down to rescue her. The player is allowed to play Captain Toad and venture through each miniature puzzle for a star.

Now I’m not a big puzzle fan yet this game has an endearing tone to it. My most favorable aspect of the game is that the levels are provided in a storybook, furthermore displaying that this IS NOT a Mario game.

Mainly you use the Wii U game pad to tilt angles (I stick to analog sticks) along with buttons that are assigned to throw items, zoom in, and even turn on your little head lamp. Controls are straightforward and allow you to use your touchscreen or blow into your microphone. In this case it extremely reminds me of using a Nintendo DS for the first time.

Going through each level was quite enjoyable, each puzzle was simplistic and somewhat easy to complete. Thankfully they include challenges, coin mini games, and the option to find hidden gems so it allows some difficulty along with replay value. The puzzle environments are very engaging; they encourage players to explore every nook and corner. Again Nintendo never fails at level designs; each level offers a distinct experience. Though puzzle levels are small, they don’t lack into great detail or depth.

captain toadI remember Floaty Fun Water Park in which it shows off crystal blue animated water that is just so gorgeous. Environments can offer more than just visual appeal; a player can use it to their advantage to overcome enemies or just to make it to their final goal. You can find items like a turnip or pickaxe, use ledges to squash your victims, or try a stealth approach. Spin wheels and pull switches illustrate how to take control of your surroundings as well. One can rotate a certain section of the platform and the other changes the level of the platform itself.

Captain Toad and Toadette are extremely adorable characters. I have to say that watching these characters move is just incredible as well. Their clothes display a cloth texture if you look closely at them.

To be frank I didn’t notice till I listened to another reviewer and further investigated myself. Even so I believe they put a lot of personality in how the characters move but also act. If you don’t control them for a certain amount of time, they’ll start shaking in fear (depending on what stage you’re in) or will possibly look around.

Sometimes little moments as having Captain Toad shout out a cave opening to hear his echo is a nice touch. As fascinating as Captain Toad Treasure Tracker can be, the beginning levels were too easy for me. They didn’t really pump the difficulty level until you hit near the last stages. There are over fifty or more puzzles so it can get addicting. If a player has a problem in completing a level then they offer you an item to help you. God forbid if you lose all lives but there’s no real bad consequence to it which can be good or bad.

toadetteThe only other difficulty, that I’m glad they have, is that Captain Toad and Toadette don’t have the ability to jump. In my opinion it makes gameplay more challenging and that’s what this game needs.

Besides from that, I would have liked that they had multiple save files. I was trying to show a friend on how to play yet he didn’t get the full experience that I did. You can’t have another player start fresh since you already completed most of the levels yourself.

One more issue was that you are able to use your Wii U gamepad though it was hard to pay attention to the television screen while using it. Throughout my whole time playing, I just looked down at my gamepad. This might be a picky problem or the fact that I can’t focus on two things at once. Regardless Captain Toad Treasure Tracker is definitely a game I would suggest to buy.

Nonetheless, it is an adventure/puzzle game filled with adorable characters, great music, and unforgettable quests to embark on. It’s relaxing and heartwarming so I can see it as a major stress reliever after a long, hard day.

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