Tribute to The Unholy: Bayonetta Review


Tribute to The Unholy: Bayonetta Review

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bayonetta, bayonetta cosplayWith Bayonetta 2 set to release October 24th of this year I want to take a look at the first game of the now two part series. Yes; ladies and gents this is a game review and I do plan to reveal ***some minor spoilers***

There is never a dull moment in Bayonetta. From the fantastical fighting sequences to the loading screens, which allow you to develop your combo skills, this game is always moving forward and propelling the storyline.

As well as providing a grading scale at the end of each battle which either shows your amazing gold standard stats or motivates you to do better next time. Days after its release in 2010 the game was highly acclaimed for the upbeat soundtrack, fast paced combat and epic boss battles. Directed by Hideki Kamiya I expected nothing less than an amazing action game with a rich storyline.

You play as Bayonetta a sophisticated witch dealing with amnesia and on a mission to regain her memory. To do this she must find the Right Eye and the Left Eye. These eyes hold the balance of the universe in place. Right to dominate light and Left to deal with the dark having both can lead to discovering who she really is.

On her quest for truth she encounters and the angelic horde of Paradiso, who are bent on stopping Bayonetta. With a bit of female seduction and a whole lot of grace she fights off these invasive angels while uncovering more and more about her past.

As you play you learn that Bayonetta is unique compared to all other Umbran witches. She discovers that she is a child of both light and dark. The light side coming from the Lumen Sages with her father, Balder was a part of.

Her birth starts conflict between both clans and is the cause for their demise. Slowly her memories begin to reveal themselves and more is learned about the eyes. Believed to be stone like items these eyes have to power to recreate all existence. In other words the combined forces of these two eyes would destroy everything. Awesome right!?


While kicking but and taking no names, Bayonetta comes across a little girl named Cerzea whom, despite Bayonetta not liking children, she warms up to very quickly. This adorable little girl becomes a vital part of the game as you play along. Cereza isn’t the only one that comes into contact with Bayonetta throughout the game. 


Luka, as well as Rodin and Enzo all lend her their strengths and knowledge in order to aide her in their quest for truth. Luca initially believes that Bayonetta is responsible for his father’s death and tends to expose her for who she is. Rodin is her weapons dealer and maker of her signature pistols as well as a dweller of the inferno.Enzo is a black market information broker and gives Bayonetta information on how to get to Vigird and figure out details about her past.

In the spirit of not spoiling the whole game I will end the synopsis and tell you a bit more of why I love this game. Pretty much a revamped Devil May Cry but with a female twist Bayonetta brings us the cleverly snarky femme fatale with a heart of oxidized gold that most of us wish we could be. Did I mention that her clothes is actually her hair!? Hair, which she can use as a weapon whenever necessary.

Being able to play a well-rounded character gives me such joy and is definitely a refreshing experience. Breaking away from the 2 dimensional female characters one has to baby sit and save from life threating situations, constantly. Here’s looking at you Ashley. What aspect did you all find particularly awesome in Bayonetta? If you haven’t played it do you wish to do so now?

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