Wet Rubi Malone With Attitude


Wet Rubi Malone With Attitude

The need for more female protagonists in video games:

Here at Next Door Gamer we do our best to speak on how most of us feel about video games and not just from a game review perspective. I mentioned in Star Wars: Knight of the Od Republic 2 that it was a very enjoyable game considering that most of the characters were females.

Rubi Malone, wet ps3,

I feel the same way for the game Wet. Rubi Malone was great in many aspects of not just her sense of style but confidence of being the best shooter in the land. And of course I was all for her having a samurai sword as well. Even the punch lines she had in the game was hilarious.

Since this is rated for mature I won’t speak on what she said in the game. More of like a unfiltered version of Tony Stark. I like how she looked presentable without sacrificing to much of how hot she is. I didn’t get a sense of hypersexualization of her though I’m sure some of you who have played this game, got a kick out of obliterating all the sexists in the game.

Though I admit it started out fun but the game did get a bit repetitive. I didn’t start to feel it until about the fourth level of the game. Which is why it is tricky to use special effects that are cool but then get played out because they are spammed through the whole game.

It’s just like we love seeing Goku doing his Kamehameha Wave. It’s cool but if he were doing it as often as oh I don’t know…Urameshi saying Spirit Gun especially Kurabara saying spirit sword….you get my point.

Wet’s Storyline:

wet rubiThe game starts off as Rubi doing another mercenary job and things go bad. Along the lines you get betrayed and Rubi is now bent on killing everyone.

And I mean everyone. I don’t even recall Rubi sparing anyone in the game. But she isn’t heartless. She has standards, takes pride in her craft and skill. Ultimatly just stay out of her way and if you don’t you better prove useful to her.

But all of these things are very male based charateristics which was awesome because though yes Lara Croft is cool but I’m sure the ladies out there want more brand name female protagonists. Beyond Two Souls did a great job but we don’t want one hit wonders.

We them to be around as often as princess Peach getting kidnapped by Bowser. That’s a good analogy isn’t it? Because yes it sadden me that Nariko couldn’t live on for a sequeal in Heavely Sword. But we have something promising with Rubi. But it doesn’t seem like we’ll be seeing Rubi making another appearance anytime soon.

Wet Gameplay:

This shooter game is rather enjoyable for those who suck at first person shooter games. *raises my hand* A simple to use target system and of course you gotta enjoy all the parkour in the game though it has nothing on Sunset Overdrive. But me personally I enjoy seeing a female kick a dude’s butt. That’s just my preferance.

wet ps3, rubiFrom wall running, sliding under tables and matrix bullet time jumps is really fun to play with. Not to mention when you get sick of using double pistols and you just wanna get straight to the point with a shotgun.

They even have an elevator scene that just makes you say dejavu since Mirror’s Edge had a similar thing. But the part that really raised my eye brow was how she regains her health. She find a bottle of liquor. Takes a shot of it and then throw the bottle in the air and shoots a bullet it in. That was epic to me. Considering that I see a lot of save spheres or spins off of it in other games. Looking at you Kingdom Hearts.

Wet Soundtrack:

The soundtrack was avergae in my opinion. But I will saw it is good to say with the budget they worked with it was good. I will say The Undead West was my favorite song. Solely because when I played the demo of this game, Rubi sees a guy running up to hit her and she pulls out a pistol and lands a headshot point blank.

But the blood get’s on her face and she gets pissed. And then this song comes on and everything is red and black and you’re just slicing through everyone, shooting everything at everyone yeah it was just awesome. Great job Bethesda for the coordination of gameplay with that song.

Be warned this is not a game for little kids. It is rated mature. And Rubi Malone is not for child audiences. But this game was enjoyable overall.

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