Year of Nintendo: Mario Kart 8 (Part 2)


Year of Nintendo: Mario Kart 8 (Part 2)


Overall this game has a lot of advantages yet some disadvantages to it as well. The positive side of Mario Kart 8 is the graphics and music. Again you will not get tired of all the little details in the environment, on vehicles, even the characters. Each character has a separate reaction and voice to offer so I believe variety is its greatest strength. The controls are easy to use. I mainly use my Wii U gamepad, which is neat since I can still play the game even if I choose to watch regular television (you’ve heard this so many times).

waluigi, daisy, browser, mario kart 8, On the game pad it does have the race track’s map, character roster, in addition to a horn. You can change the way you race from analog sticks to simple tilt controls (steering your vehicle by moving the game pad).

Players can also use their wii wheel, wii remote and nunchunk, and the Wii U Pro controller. Not to mention Nintendo added two DLC packs onto the game. One DLC pack offers up to eight new tracks plus three new characters. I was very surprised when they added in Link from Legend of Zelda, including Animal Crossing characters into the character roster.

If you buy both DLC packs it will in addition a player will get multi-colored shy guys and yoshi. I’m a major pink Yoshi fan! The new tracks are a great addition too; Dragon Driftway and Hyrule Circuit are the most exciting to me. Not to mention a player is able to use an amiibo, a miniature toy, to dress up their Mii racers.

Unfortunately Mario Kart 8 has its downside. Once you get most of everything done, I never bother with time trials; it does not feel like there is much to do afterwards. It is likely to get repetitive, especially if you play it daily. Although if you get bored playing by yourself then play with others.

There’s nothing more satisfying than sitting besides friends and racing with them. I assure you, either friendships or family relations will be destroyed but it would be well worth it. The replayability does depend on how much you play the game and get into it. While Mario Kart 8 is great, I have realized from other friends that the contrasting race gameplay can affect a player. If someone is so used to playing Mario Kart Wii then it will take them time to adjust. All the twists and upside down turns can make a person somewhat dizzy so play with caution.

baby rosalina, rosalina, mario kart 8I have to criticize the character roster because I strongly think it could have been better. How can you have Donkey Kong and not Diddy Kong? The Koopalings I do not mind still I’m irritated that they did not add Bowser Jr.

The baby characters (baby Mario, luigi, peach, Rosalina) I think are okay yet initially could be sacrificed for better characters like Birdo or an old Donkey Kong character such as Dixie Kong. I did not find it important to have four different versions of Mario and Peach, maybe two but not four. Another problem I noticed was the speed of racing in the game.

In Mario Kart Wii it was much faster, including more chaotic. I believe the coin system that allows you to build up your speed just gives a player a slow start. Players cannot do manual wheelies on bikes which is a preference for me. I believe it’s assigned that way to make the gameplay fair so nothing too bad.

Mario Kart TV could have been done better, you can upload your races to Youtube from the game, and however you cannot manually edit clips. I find it to be a bummer, I still don’t know how to add slow mo to my Youtube videos.

The last pickiest issue is the VR scoring system; it has been updated so instead of the max score being 9,999, they changed it to 99,999. In my opinion that is too absurd since I don’t think players are that dedicated to reach that level. I believe Nintendo added the update to increase the challenge although it ends up flat.
Link MK8Other players have stated it being unfair since racing is partially based on luck. The item distribution can get unbalanced because you do not need coins if you already have the highest amount, especially if you’re in one of the top places. This issue can be daunting to gamers however if you’re a gamer like me who just wants to have fun racing then it won’t be a problem.

When it all comes down to Mario Kart 8, it all comes down on preference still I would tell you to buy this game in a bundle. It’s a lot of fun along with a new experience to try. Especially if you are a Mario kart fan because the game itself symbolizes how far Nintendo has improved.

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